Make 2018 a Year of Finding Joy, Peace & Happiness !

Dear All,

I actually like the gap between Christmas and New Year. It's just about enough time to recover from the piles of delicious food. To laze about for a while gathering strength! No matter what the new year holds up its sleeve - It's a time when we wish each other well for what lies ahead. It marks a moment. A time to honour past achievements and set intentions for new beginnnings.

I have for many years set new years resolutions.

Albeit getting fit, launching my website or being more disciplined with practicing meditation or Yoga, it always feels good to make a positive start to the year. Unfortunately for many of us, our new years resolutions sometimes fizzle out as the year goes on and sometimes we even forget about them.

This year I have decided to make only one New Years Resolution and to keep it! I am going to write it down on a minature scroll, roll it up and put it into one of my favourite Wish Capsules. Like this there can be no excuses when I re-open the Wish Capsule in a years time : )

My invitation to you is the same - Write down your most important (number one!) New Years Resolution and encapsulate it in one of Natalia Jana's Wish Capsules. Keep it safe around your neck, alongside your heart as you step into that intention. When you reopen it in a years time, you can reflect on how you have done.


Keep following our journey in 2018 !

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