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The Wish Capsule

Hello Dreamers & Believers ,

Hurrah! It has been quite a month with my website finally going live! I am feeling so grateful for all the support I received while stepping into the digital world. Being capable of reaching out to you all is just wonderful yet a little daunting. So I'm a little nervous & excited about presenting you with my first blog story:

I like to dedicate my story to my sister and her daughter who inspired my very first piece of jewellery - The Wish Capsule.

My sister was 8 months pregnant and she decided not to know the gender of her baby. It’s one of natures best kept secrets and a journey towards the ultimate surprise.

We lived in Los Angeles at the time and during a trip to Bali, I decided to design a special piece of jewellery for my beautiful (very preggie) sister. One that would endure adventures in time and eventually be passed down to my little niece. Something that would be unforgettable, unique and meaningful.

With the help of my lovely Balinese silversmith The WISH CAPSULE was created and a baby girl was born. Deya is now 9 years old and already a huge fan of my jewellery : )

Inside the fine silver capsule I wrote a note for my sister and recently my niece Deya decided that is was time to add a little drawing on the back side paper roll too. Hearing her read what I wrote all those years ago made my heart soar.

When a story like this comes back to me, it makes me feel so grateful for all the love in my life. I jump for joy at the thought of doing what I do - designing uniquely special and meaningful jewellery!

If you are on holiday or living in Palma de Mallorca, Spain feel free to contact me and visit my atelier. Together we can choose from gemstones and charms to create your own unique piece of jewellery.

Dreams come true where your heart is at home : )

Wishing you all a magical day!


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